Regency Care Center and Assisted Living

Welcome to Regency Care Center and Assisted Living

Assisted living apartments at Regency provide privacy and independence in a residential setting with the security of knowing that care is available when it is needed.  Major lifestyle changes are not necessary just because assistance is needed from time to time.

We take great pride in offering an affordable option that combines freedom and independence with personal services and caring attention.  Seniors can enjoy all the comforts of home.  We provide a private courtyard with a gazebo, fireside lounge with a library, formal dining area which can be utilized for special occasions and tastefully decorated common areas.

There are a host of amenities such as twenty-four hour assistance, three nutritious meals a day, and RN Assisted Living Coordinator to monitor health care needs, and weekly housekeeping/linen services.  Assisted living seniors are encouraged to be as independent as possible, but assistance is provided by our certified staff when necessary.  Whether it is help with bathing, grooming, dressing, dining, transportation, or medical administration, our staff is here day and night for your service.

Assisted living apartments are unfurnished.  However, each apartment is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. Filled with the tenant’s own furniture and personal treasures, each of our one and two bedroom suites feels like home.

Each day, there is an opportunity for our tenants to experience a wide variety of programs that encourage physical and mental activity or spiritual growth. Activities at Regency are designed to be consistent with each person’s interest. We maintain autonomy and self esteem in all of our interactions and consider each resident’s comfort zone.  Our activity program provides meaningful activities for all seniors, encompassing a wide range of mental and physical abilities.

Every activity that we offer our seniors has a purpose.  The purpose may be mental stimulation, physical exercise, or social interaction. However, the underlying objective of our activity program is to achieve a genuine sense of personal enjoyment and well being.

Regency Care Center and Assisted Living

Sometimes all we need is the sound advice from a professional.  At Regency Care Center and Assisted Living, we give clients and potential residents the opportunity to discuss their personal care and assisted living service needs with a care coordinator.  Talk to us in person!

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